Enjoy the difference with wooden floor

Hardwood floors provide warmth and beauty, great style and durability, easy care and cleaning, and added value to your home.
There are a number of benefits that hardwood flooring can offer your home, which other products may not be able to do.


  • Good quality wooden floors last for decades – Whereas many people find themselves replacing carpet every 5 years, due to stains, holes, or shabbiness from everyday wear and tear. You will find that with a minimal maintenance program, these floors actually look better as the years go by. Thanks to durable finishes that are easy to repair, wood floors can last for a hundred years or more.
  • Easy to Clean
    A little sweeping and mopping, and your hardwood floors will keep looking nice for a long time to come. Even families with dogs and kids are realizing that it’s easier to mop a hardwood floor than try to spray/scrub/wash stains out of a carpet. Another perk is that a scratch here or a gouge there really just adds character to wood floors.
  • Warmth
    Not only is hardwood more pleasant to walk on than laminates, but it is naturally warm. Wood is an excellent insulator, thanks to its thousands of tiny air chambers per cubic inch, which hold in heat. Wood provides a great medium to install under floor heating, which these days is considered by far the most efficient way to heat your house.
  • Hypo-allergenic
    Got allergies? Unlike carpets wood floors don’t give pollen, animal dander, mold any place to hide and thrive. Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for anyone with any kind of environmental allergies.
  • Wood flooring is more hygienic than carpets. There are some fairly horrifying reports out there detailing the parasites that carpets can harbour. If  you were to read these reports you would not go anywhere near a carpet. These allergen producing, dust mites, fleas or dust play havoc with allergy sufferers, a floor from wood eliminates this saving you money and extreme discomfort. This is particularly relevant to dog and cat owner’s.
  • Unless you’re going to be living in the same house for the rest of your life, you should think about how the flooring choices you make today will affect the price you can get for your home when you sell it. Estate agents state that houses with wooden floors sell twice as easily compared to houses with other floor finishes. And there is no doubt that the value of  your home does directly increase as a result of fitting a wooden floor. Carpet tends to look old and used in just a few years, whereas wood floors last a long time. Even laminate flooring, which looks like wood flooring, is a distant second choice for homebuyers. It just doesn’t have the same warmth and feel.

The bottom line is that hardwood flooring has an array of benefits over other types of flooring. It may cost a little more upfront, but in the long run they are vastly more economical as outlined in the many ways above. Think carefully before you choose your floor finish as not only is this a big investment but it affects your family’s health, your time, the aesthetics and value of your home. Ask any owner of a wood floor and I think you will find they say it was the best decision they ever made!